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WNY VA Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy Ward

Hospital Ward Renovation

Buffalo, NY


The VAMC Physical Therapy Renovations is located in ward 3D of Building #01 at The Buffalo Veteran's Affairs Medical Center at 3495 Bailey Ave., Buffalo NY. The current 14-Story facility was erected in 1949. The exterior facade is composed of limestone panels with aluminum framed windows that do not appear to be original to the structure.


The design was created with an eye toward creating a more inviting facility for patients of the Physical & Occupational Therapies at the Buffalo VAMC. The design provides a clear & easily identifiable point contact for incoming patients with highly visible secretary spaces. This also allows the clerks to control circulation throughout the rehabilitation facilities. The plan also provides a clearly defined waiting room space for patient comfort, storage room clusters for economical circulation, a centralized mechanical room at the intersection of the 'Y' with access to exterior wall for easier M/E/P installations, and wide corridors for ease of circulation and testing of wheelchairs & walkers.






Project Type: Healthcare - Hospital



WNY Veteran's Affairs


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