TRM Architect


United Uniform

Tactical Gear Store

1132 Scottsville Rd., Chili, NY


United Uniform contacted TRM when they were confronted with the challenge of converting an abandoned former restaurant into a modern retail store.


The scope of the project included the demolition of nearly half of the facility, significant interior and exterior alterations to the remaining facility and brick chimneys including converting saved portions into work and storage spaces and a 4,000 sq. ft. modern addition in front of the existing building to serve as the sales floor. The resulting facility is light and airy with large storefront windows along the front facade and clerestory windows along the sides of the new addition above merchandising areas preventing the trade-off between sales space and fenestration. The daylight reduces electricity loads, showcases merchandise and creates a comfortable shopping environment. The design of the building was inspired by famed architect Mies Van der Rohe who stood behind a minimalist approach with simple modern materials and systems, an emphasis on clean detailing, and structural clarity and order. A large overhead plane in the form of a canopy rests above the airy facade and the facility is grounded by the concrete foundation wall. A signature element of the building is the canopy which glows at night to create a signage banner around the building.


The project required a fast paced schedule for drawing completion, permits and approvals. The project was completed within six months from concept to completion.






Project Type: Commercial - Retail



Taksum Associates, LLC


Project Schedule:

Estimated Date of Completion: Dec. 2009

Actual Date of Completion: Dec. 2009


Construction Costs:

Budget Project Costs: $ 550,000

Actual Project Costs: $ 696,000

Final Project Costs: $ 858,000



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