TRM Architect


Private Residence

Summer Cottage Renovation and Addition

Fort Erie, Ontario


After a falling tree caused extensive damage to a summer cottage, TRM was approached for a solution to not only fix this residence but to improve the spacial layout and expand the living space. TRM conducted a thorough survey of the damage and of the current conditions of the home and proposed repairs and additions to the residence. This project represents one of the first residential projects for TRM within Canada.


TRM reprogrammed the residence adding a second story addition and patio space. A new enclosed patio and wooden deck was also added to the first floor of the residence. The second floor added a master bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, nursery and laundry area to meet the growing family’s needs. The project was designed to open up and brighten the spaces blurring the lines between inside and outside. The large windows, and indoor patio let in plenty of daylight. The new metal roof and patio railing give the residence a more modern feel and the vertically oriented siding helps to emphasize the verticality of the addition transforming the cottage into an aesthetically well balanced whole.


TRM filed for a permit and worked with the Ontario Building Department to conform to current site regulations. The project also posed a structural challenge in analyzing the extent of damage, proposing solutions and altering existing framing to accommodate the new second floor and roof.






Project Type: Residential - Private Residence



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Project Schedule:

Estimated Date of Completion: Not Available

Actual Date of Completion: Not Available


Construction Costs:

Estimated (Budget) Project Costs: $ 100,000

Actual Project Costs: Not Available

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