TRM Architect


Private Residence

Solarium & Porte Cochère

Lewiston, NY


TRM was called upon when this client was looking to renovate a historic circa 1900 home, and add a new solarium and carport. TRM has provided services in the past for this client, with the design of a patio, wine cellar, and basement cigar lounge. We believe our history of repeat business is due to our responsiveness throughout the project design and construction that eases home owners through the often complicated process and the continual attention to detail that creates a successful project.


The design of the new solarium located at the west end of the existing main house was inspired by pictures of an existing solarium built as part of the original home that had since been demolished. TRM has completed a number of award winning historical architectural projects including blending new additions with existing historic residences. TRM carefully studied the original photographs in an attempt to recreate a similar style while also meeting with the family to determine how their needs could best be met by the additional space. It was determined that the half-basement of the solarium could be used for restrooms accessible from the exterior of the building for use during weddings and other special events which are regularly held in the backyard of the historic home.


TRM also worked on the design of a carport at the guest house. TRM utilized elements of the new solarium and the existing home to cohesively tie the design together including the cornice, column capitals, and brick design.






Project Type: Residential - Private Residence



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