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NOCO Express

Convenience Store

Cheektowaga, NY


NOCO Energy Corporation, a long-standing client, contacted TRM to design a new state-of-the-art 4,600 sq. ft. NOCO convenience store across from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The client requested the project utilize LEED standards to create an energy efficient design that maximizes user comfort in NOCO’s most environmentally friendly store to date.


Daylight harvesting decreases the electrical loads needed for artificial lighting while creating a comfortable atmosphere and views for consumers. Skylights bring light deep into the building while an energy management control system automatically dims the store lighting during daylight hours on an as needed basis. Energy efficient design standards were used when selecting supplemental artificial lighting including low watt LED lighting. A refrigeration energy management system brings in cold outside air for coolers helping to relieve cooling loads for the large sixteen door walk-in beverage cooler that wraps around part of the interior. Stained concrete floors were placed in lieu of hard tile, a low cost, low maintenance and sustainable solution to floor finishes. White roofing increases light reflectivity lowering summer cooling loads. The project even includes an area for electric car charging stations.


The project utilizes simple and clean materials, creating a clear and concise layout for consumers. The interior uses a “store within a store” concept with new convenient amenities with everything from a real time departure and arrival screen for guests to monitor flight times to a kiosk where one can check in and print boarding passes. Inside, it is bright and open with a white painted roof deck and exposed ductwork at sales areas. A large, enticing, and colorful signage band wrap around the interior perimeter of the store above coolers and product displays. The exterior is clean and simple with brick, contrasting white trim and cornices, and matching white storefronts. The planes of brick project to create an entry canopy and to call attention to the entrance. Soft down lighting at the entry creates a warm and welcoming glow while gooseneck light fixtures provide lighting along the rest of the exterior facade. Varying parapet heights and a faux gable end situated above the main entry break up and add interest to the brick facade. Signage is situated along heavier brick anchors. A concrete sill ties all of the facade elements together and breaks up the heavier brick ends.


The project includes a Charlie the Butcher co-branding operation as well expanded cooler and merchandise space and a large food and beverage line-up with grab-and-go items due to the proximity to the airport. The project successfully created a functional and aesthetically pleasing store that will decrease operational expenses over the life of the store through the efficiency and durability of materials and systems. The store also creates a pleasant shopping experience for consumers through its clarity in layout and bright, easy-to-shop interior.







Project Type: Commercial - Retail



NOCO Energy Corporation


Construction Schedule:

Expected Date of Completion: Dec. 2011

Actual Date of Completion: Dec. 2011


Construction Costs:

Estimated Construction Cost: $1,100,144

Actual Construction Cost: $1,100,144

Final Construction Cost: $1,087,143



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