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Kegworks Office Renovations


Kenmore, NY


TRM was commissioned for the renovations and alterations of an existing 13,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse space. The company outgrew its current space and recently acquired more warehouse bays within the facility. TRM converted parts of the existing warehouse space into office areas balancing their demand for office and warehouse space while upgrading outdated systems throughout the facility. TRM has a successful history of resolving complex adaptive re-use programs.


The new office space converted cramped work areas spread haphazardly throughout the building into a large open work area. Other new program elements included numerous private offices, a conference room with a full kitchen space for product demonstrations, and new toilet rooms. TRM worked closely with the owner and landlord to effectively address current and future space requirements. A raised flooring system was placed at new office areas to bring them level to the existing space. The exterior walls which contained several garage door bays were infilled and modified while new exterior finishes unified the exterior of the building and new windows were installed. The project also included minor modifications at the warehouse to truck bays, new stairs at multiple locations, new roof access, and repairs to existing masonry walls. HVAC was reworked throughout the facility and the existing structural systems were assessed to determine if they could carry the loads of new roof top equipment replacing the inefficient furnaces currently heating the facility.


TRM has a strong reputation working with municipalities and streamlining the approval process. In this case, TRM worked closely with the Town of Tonawanda permit office early in the process to move the project smoothly through permitting despite accessibility issues regarding matching the new construction to the existing raised office spaces. After effectively meeting the needs of Kegworks through the design of the office expansion and alterations, Kegworks again contacted TRM to provide additional services in documenting the existing warehouse conditions and to inventory current equipment to aid in the space planning and efficient reconfiguration of the warehouse space. TRM takes the extra effort to understand specialized businesses in order to improve efficiency throughout the design process.






Project Type: Commercial - Workplace





Project Schedule:

Estimated Date of Completion: June 2012

Actual Date of Completion: June 2012


Construction Costs:

Estimated Project Costs: Not Available

Actual Project Costs (at bid): $ 400,000

Final Project Costs: $ 426,000



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