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Private Residence

Historic Residential Conversion

Allentown, Buffalo, NY


TRM was contracted to renovate this 3-story 6,022 sq. ft. residence from a five unit apartment building to a single family home. The historic residence on was originally designed as a single family home and over time was divided into five individual apartments. The client wished to convert the existing apartment building into their own private residence, featuring two guests suites as well as a new master suite complete with a master bathroom and walk-in closets. The owners soon realized that their wish list superseded their initial budget. TRM worked closely with them to prioritize and phase the project allowing renovations to occur at various time points giving the family time to budget for the desired renovations.


The conversion helped to meet the needs of the owners who entertain and receive guests in their home. The ground floor was also reworked to provide more efficient circulation and existing rooms were reprogrammed. The first floor was programmed as public space with a formal dining room, sitting room, living room and kitchen. The second floor was designed as a private space with a master suite, two guest bedrooms with private baths and a laundry room. Reconfigurations on the second floor included new partitions, new plumbing, restoration of fireplaces, and replacement of finishes throughout the house included new wood flooring with intricate wood inlays and tile flooring. The new master bathroom features a curved wall cradling the bath tub into a private space adjacent to the fire place, a separate new shower stall and new tile work. The master bedroom suite has abundant natural light and ventilation, and double doors to the master bathroom open up the space. Large ‘his’ and ‘her’ closets help to solve storage problems. New wood work, wainscot and molding have been installed through many of the spaces. The original grand stair case was restored and stabilized, with special care taken to accurately match and design stair spindles and handrails. The exterior was transformed with the addition of new windows and doors, and the removal of the existing fire escape. A new rear deck was also added with a roof to match the historic finishes of the existing. The original roof on the front deck was replaced due to structural concerns.


TRM team members have had been active members in the design and construction of the project through construction management on site to monitor quality, cost and timeliness. TRM has closely coordinated with SHPO throughout the design process of this historic home and took advantage of historic tax credits and energy star rebates to save money for the client.






Project Type: Residential - Private Residence



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Project Schedule:

Estimated Date of Completion: Not Available

Actual Date of Completion: Not Available


Construction Costs:

Budget Project Costs: $ 472,000

Actual Project Costs: $ 617,700 (phased)

Final Project Costs: $ 617,700



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