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448 Delaware

Historic Preservation / Workplace

Allentown, Buffalo, NY


The challenge of this project was to maintain the historic detailing and arrangement of spaces, while incorporating the function of a modern and open professional office. The solution had to be elegant, while cost-effective, so that the bulk of the construction cost could be utilized in the mechanical and electrical upgrades for a completely modernized office. The marriage of classical intricate detailing to today’s technological infrastructure presented design opportunities for both the cognitive office manager and the aesthetic project designer.


One major goal of the restoration was to increase the building’s overall energy efficiency. By installing a modern HVAC system which enabled multiple temperature zones, a more environmentally controlled work space could be achieved. TRM also worked closely with Preservation Board members to ensure the appropriateness of the new window system that needed to be installed. Upon completion the majority of the building’s windows had undergone a full replacement with replica style windows that further enhanced the building’s appearance, as well as energy efficiency. TRM Architect received design honors from the City of Buffalo Preservation Board for its commitment to accurate historic detail. The award was recognized by Mayor Anthony Masiello and other prominent officials as an example of how historical preservation can be achieved collaborating with local officials, community groups, and design team members.


This project represents just one example of how companies interested in moving into the city can relocate to a vibrant, stimulating, and functional work environment, while becoming more integrated with the surrounding community. With the right professional expertise and imagination, the unique space at 448 Delaware demonstrates proven success in this effort.






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